Chairwoman’s Message

Golden Bio Trading was established to support the health care system in the Kingdom of Bahrain providing quality products and services.  We develop our values to ensure Healthy environment that’s reflect focus and continuity.  We deliver based on our experience and knowledge that developed over the years in business in general and in health sector in particular. 

We are proud of our clients and dedicated to serve them at high standard.  We do have products that cater to the needs of individuals and companies as neede; medical, chemical, food and beverages.  Moreover, we appreciate the support of our team members, partners and suppliers who are always of great assistance to us. 

We delivered and will continue to meet our clients’ needs as they are behind our existence and forward success.   Our staff members always available to serve and help to work at their maximum potential.

After Eight years of existence, we are mature to cope with the new development and unforeseen circumstances.  Ready to meet the challenges and move ahead in the era of digitalization and transformation. 

We will continue to serve you better and looking forward to your feedback for further development and growth.


Dr. Lulwa AlMutlaq