Refund Policy

Return, Exchange and Refund of Payments:
If the product is defective, you may request within one (1) day of receipt of the product to request a “Refund / Product Request” to return the product .
If the product is returned due to a malfunction of the product, a defect from the manufacturer, damage caused during the delivery of the product or due to incorrect/wrong product delivery, no additional service charge will be charged. In case of return for other reasons, a shipping charge will be charged to the customer.

When preparing to return the product, the product must be in its original condition with complete accessories and certificates attached. We do not accept returns of products containing scratches or have been damaged by misuse or malfunction caused by the use of a non-conforming volt. We have the right to agree to accept returns of products that do not meet the above criteria.


Cancellation of the Application
Cancellation of the application by (the website of Golden Bio Trading) reserves the right to cancel the order for any of the following reasons:

  • Reject / not accept payment
  • If the delivery address given by the customer is wrong or the contact information is wrong or the customer is unable to reach.
  • The customer has been delayed for more than 7 days to receive his order paid online.


Customer Order Cancellation:

To proceed with the order cancellation process, you must contact us first. You can cancel your order for any of the following reasons:

  • If the order is not delivered or shipped to you. In case of cancellation after shipping or sending the order, you will be charged a shipping and delivery fee mention in the invoice. We reserve the right to match the time your order was shipped with the time you submitted your cancellation request.
  • We cannot provide/deliver the requested product/service within a reasonable period of time (60 working days) from the day of order confirmation.
  • All refunds will be processed in 10 – 30 working days.